Apprentice Testimonials

“The Bishop Laney Foundation has helped me progress through my apprenticeship allowing me to purchase the specialist tools required for more advanced jobs. I am currently a 3rd-year student working towards fully qualifying in a few months’ time, my progress has been accelerated by the opportunity that the foundation has awarded me.”

“I have just enrolled onto my John Deere apprenticeship. I have been kindly awarded the charitable donation by The Bishop Laney Foundation which will enable me to build the collection of tools that is need to undergo the practical aspects of my learning. With the ongoing support of Ben Burgess and the foundation, I can now meet the challenges that I will face with the right tools for the job.”
“The Bishop Laney Foundation has helped me tremendously in my apprenticeship by enabling me to collect a wide range of tools. This has allowed me to become more independent and I have progressed as a result. I am now working out on site and undertaking repairs that normally would have been done by qualified technicians.”
“I see it as a privilege that I received aid from The Bishop Laney Foundation. It helped me during my apprenticeship to purchase tools that will start my career with Shearline.  Although I haven't purchased any tools yet, I want to ensure that through my own experience and knowledge from others, I can select the most appropriate tools that will last me throughout my career.”
“It has been great to receive the donation from The Bishop Laney Foundation, as it will really help me to start owning some of my own tools and being more independent. I plan to use the money to buy a toolbox in the near future.”
“Receiving the support from the foundation has helped me greatly as I will be able to buy measuring tools that allow me to make accurate parts in the workplace. I am extremely grateful for the support and generosity in helping me improve my skills by providing me with the equipment necessary.”

“The Bishop Laney Foundation is a great foundation that helped me all the way through my apprenticeship, enabling me to buy all the tools I could ever possibly need!”

“It was good to meet with you all and very kind of the foundation to give me the money towards my apprenticeship. This helps me a lot as I need a toolbox for when I get my own welding bay, then I can start buying the tools I need.”
“I must first start by thanking you for giving me this grant. It has become of great help to me in funding my tooling expenses. Without this grant, I would have had to pay a lot of money for the tools I have and the tooling I am planning to purchase. I think that The Bishop Laney Foundation is doing an excellent job in helping out other young apprentices in training (like me!) to get the work tools they need to do their work. Without a grant, some people may struggle very hard financially to fund these, but thanks to the kind people at the foundation, me and plenty others, don't have to worry. Once again, thank You very much.”
“I’d like to say a big thank you to The Bishop Laney Foundation for supporting me during my apprenticeship. The money I have received has given me a huge advantage and  helped to buy tools and measuring equipment that otherwise I would have struggled to obtain. Once again thank you.”

Employer Testimonials

Employers have told us of the many benefits of hiring young apprentices. Here are some of the comments we have had:

“We greatly appreciate support from The Bishop Laney Foundation for our apprentices and to Shearline as their employer. Each year, for the duration of their apprenticeship training, the foundation’s grant helps apprentices budget for and buy tools which are essential for their role."

“Allowing apprentices access to the The Bishop Laney Foundation grants gives young people the support they need. It provides them with encouragement to think someone is on their side when it comes to their education. From the company’s point of view, it provides us with reassurance that we are investing in young people for the right reasons, and not just for our own future, but for the local community and country as a whole.”

“We are proud to be associated with The Bishop Laney Foundation. The award given for our apprentices is passed directly to them to assist in the purchase of specialist tooling. With the continual support from us and the foundation, we are ensuring the future of agricultural engineering. As the technology becomes more mainstream, the need for a wider, more comprehensive toolkit becomes ever greater. We would like to thank The Bishop Laney Foundation and hope to work closely for many years to come.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank The Bishop Laney Foundation for the kind donation made to Edward. This will be a great help towards his development as an engineer. Purchases have already been made with the contribution and he is treasuring his new possessions. He is a very worthwhile recipient and will continue to benefit throughout his apprenticeship with your kind help.”

The Bishop Laney Foundation has given over


in grants to apprentices
in the last ten years

We have given grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 for over 340 years.

About us

The Bishop Laney Foundation provides grants to help apprentices and students from Ely and Soham with their training and further education.

The foundation has given these grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 living in Ely or Soham, for over 340 years.

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The trust is managed by six trustees, three from Ely and three from Soham.

They meet six times a year to oversee the various aspects of the foundation and to preserve the legacy of Bishop Benjamin Laney.


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